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My primary focus is on stocks from $1.00 to $5.00 and a select few under $10.00.  My job is to find quality penny micro and small cap stocks for you that can be purchased for a low bargain price that have serious potential to increase in value so you can have a great chance to sell your shares for a very nice profit. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am continuously looking for undiscovered and out of favor stealth stocks that fly under the Wall Street radar screen. Once found, I research, analyze, and feature these fundamentally sound undervalued and oversold stocks for you. I like to bottom-fish. I like cheap out of favor stocks with solid financials, great balance sheets and strong sales and earnings that are likely to increase in value by at least 50-100% and more.

Every member will get my new "Famous 15" new year picks every January 1st. Then, starting February thru December you get 2 picks on the 1st of each month and 1 mid-month pick on the 15th of each month. That's 48 quality picks per year. My sensible strategies and realistic investing methods produce superior investing and trading results for you with the lowest possible risk factor. No junk, promoted, or pumped stocks here! Our focus is on NYSE, ASE, NASDAQ and a few promising OTC stocks.
This formula has worked wonderfully since 1999 and it will not change.

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My 15 Year Track Record And 45+ Years Research Experience Has Attracted Sensible Investors From Around The World

Why ? .. Because I keep my service simple, easy to use, easy to understand, and I get outstanding results for my members ... "really outstanding results" !

I cater to sensible intelligent individuals who are smart enough to avoid all the Internet and Social Media hype and appreciate the simple clarity and brevity my service offers.
My members get condensed concise "straight to the point" investing analysis and commentary of my chosen companies. Members love being able to quickly determine which of our featured penny and small cap stock picks meets their investing needs

without having to read through page after page of "copy and paste" financial fluff. 

Patience Is Required ! .. This Is Not An Instant Gratification Site

We don't promise lightning fast trades or empty hype of quick profits here. If a trade did come to you quickly ( as does happen) then we'd encourage you to consider taking it. Our point is simple: If you join us you need to be patient with realistic expectations. This is not a short-term trade site. We are long side only and we wait for the trade.

I encourage you to vist and read the ABOUT tab to learn more about what we do.

I Am 100% Independent. I Do Not Own Or Trade My Picks. I Don't Accept Payment Or Shares To Feature A Stock. I Won't Try To Sell You Anything Else. Your Information Is Safe And Never Sold

So please join us now and I will find, analyze, and feature high quality and profitable penny stocks trading under $5.00 per share (and a few stocks under $10.00) just for you. I'll do all the tedious and boring research work. All you need to do is open your own stock trading account with a discount broker so you can buy and sell your shares.

​Joining gets you access to our member area where you will find all of our current featured picks, as well as all previous year by year picks ever featured since we launched on December 19th, 1999. You will also have access to all of the Famous 15 picks, all mid-month picks, and links to market educational reports. Additionally, you get the "free bonus" 20 chapter basic trading manual ( a $39.95 value ), which is also in the member area (in PDF format) for you to read 24-7 at your leisure.

My 15th Year Online With

45+ Years Of Experience

Rollercoaster Stocks has a long history of providing our members quality stocks that have the highest probability of returning a profit with the lowest possible exposure to risk. The way we accomplish that is to focus 100% on stocks with solid balance sheets and great core fundamentals. And we have done exactly that since 1999. Rollercoaster Stock's long track record of superior profits for members is proof positive our methods work.

Charles Heath 

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" You'll Love The Way You Feel With Our Stocks "

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The basic trading manual which is suitable for beginners is available in the member-area in PDF format for you to enjoy.

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Get a 60 day 100% Money-Back no-risk free trial guarantee. If you're unhappy for any reason during the first 60 days we will refund 100% of your money.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Always consider obtaining professional financial advice before purchasing any publically traded small cap stock. 

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Hello Charles / Greetings : ( Testimonial - 2013 Member )

One of my trusted friends is a 12 year member of your Rollercoaster Stocks pick service. Her suggestion was that I spend some time looking over your web-site. I have done so and after consulting with her again I joined you. I immediately diversified with 3-5 stocks as you suggest. I purchased 5000 shares each of these three (3) stocks. When all was said and done I purchased and sold USEG @ $1.50 and $3.50, PACR @ $3.80 and $ 8.25, and BEAT @ $2.55 and $10.50, and they all continued higher after taking my profits.

But I don't care.

Call it beginners luck, whatever. I got out at the right time for me and made a profit for once in a very long while. I'm very happy. As you say, looking back and regretting not holding on for more is foolish. I'm now holding another 5 of your 2014 picks and so far they are already up 40-60%. Thank You So Much. Almost every stock you've picked since I joined has traded higher. Stellar job ......

Cynthia Lynch

Charles Heath

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